ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J. - May 20, 2013 - PRLog -- U.S. Organic Group today announced the imminent approval and release of the first ever Anti- itchbalm™ with an organic certification seal. Anti Itchbalm™ is an FDA registered over the counter drug which offers relief from itching from all causes. Created from premium and fully organic ingredients and vitamin E, the medication brings rapid relief for the sufferer of itching from nearly any causative agent.

Certified 100% natural and organic, Anti Itchbalm™ brings the client fast relief which is afforded to them in a fully natural way. Steroid free and made completely in the United States of herbal compounds and essential oils, Anti itch balm™ is high quality, rapidly effective, and features a moisturizing effect that will assist in preventing the dry skin and other issues that can lead to future itching.

The natural oils and incorporations in the Anti itchbalm™ are quality natural organic ingredients which are proven to be effective and have been used for many centuries to create natural cures.

The medication will be effective on those conditions which cause pruritis, including sunburn, small or minor burns, eczema, atopic dermatitis, and the rashes which can be caused by bug bites or contact dermatitis.

U.S. Organic Group, a US based organic product company located in Bergen Country, New Jersey began as a small scale business which today has grown toward far greater proportions. US Organic Group uses only natural and organic materials with which to make the medications and balms which they produce.

US Organic Group is currently seeking retailers and wholesalers, as well as sales representatives for the new Anti itchbalm™. They are encouraging those who retail or wholesale organic products to request information, from the group with a view toward wholesaling the new and innovative product.

According to Leonard Moon of US Organic Group,

"I believe that our product, Anti itchbalm™, is the first-ever balm-typed anti itch OTC drug with USDA organic certified seal. -We encourage independent owned Pharmacies carry this innovative product to serve their community better."
For more information on the organic Anti itchbalm™, interested parties may learn more by contacting the US Organic Group Corp via e-mail at mij3461@us-organic.com or telephone at 201-252-4269. www.us-organi.com

Read full article: https://www.prlog.org/12140477-us-organic-group-announces-imminent-release-of-an-unprecedented-new-organic-product.html

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